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Volume 14 Number 2 1997

A. Okada and T. Imaizumi
Asymmetric Multidimensional Scaling of Two-Mode Three-Way Proximities - 195

Y. Takane and H. A. L. Kiers
Latent Class DEDICOM - 225

A. R. Webb
Radial Basis Functions for Exploratory Data Analysis: An Iterative Majorisation Approach for Minkowski Distances Based on Multidimensional Scaling - 249

B. Monjardet
Concordance between Two Linear Orders: The Spearman and Kendall Coefficients Revisited - 269

H. A. L. Kiers
A Modification of the SINDCLUS Algorithm for Fitting the ADCLUS and INDCLUS Models - 297

V. Chepoi and B. Fichet
Recognition of Robinsonian Dissimilarities - 311

Book Reviews

D. Dubin
Measurement in Information Science, by B. R. Boyce, C.T.
Meadow, and D.H. Kraft - 327

J. De Leeuw
A Robust Approach to Nonlinear Multivariate Analysis, by P. Verboon-331

Volume 14 Number 1 1997

J. de Leeuw and P. J. F. Groenen
Inverse Multidimensional Scaling - 3

K. Jedidi, H.S. Jagpal, and W.S. DeSarbo - 23
STEMM: A General Finite Mixture Structural Equation Model

C. J. Alpert and A. B. Kahng
Splitting an Ordering into a Partititon to Minimize Diameter - 51

T. A. B. Snijders and K. Nowicki
Estimation and Prediction for Stochastic Blockmodels for Graphs with Latent Block Structure - 75

A. Guénoche
Order Distance Associated with a Hierarchy - 101

C.M. Cuadras, J. Fortiana, and F. Oliva
The Proximity of an Individual to a Population with Applications in Discriminant Analysis - 117

A.M. Pires and J. A. Branco
Comparison of Multinomial Classification Rules - 137

A. Zoppè
On Uniqueness and Symmetry of Self-Consistent Points of Univariate Continuous Distributions - 147

F. B. Baulieu
Two Variant Axiom Systems for Presence/Absence Based Dissimilarity Coefficients - 159

Book Reviews

J. E. Corter
Classification and Cognition, by W.K. Estes - 171

P.G. Bryant
Information Systems and Data Analysis: Prospects- Foundations-Applications, edited by H.-H. Bock, W. Lenski, and M. M. Richter - 174

J. Sharma
Qualitative Reasoning: Modeling and Simulation with Incomplete Knowledge, by B. Kuipers - 177

B. Mirkin
Metric Spaces of Fuzzy Sets: Theory and Applications, by P. Diamond and P. Kloeden - 180

R. Stinebrickner, R. Deel, P. Gray, L. Liu, and J. Yates
Typologies and Taxonomies: An Introduction to Classification Techniques, by K. D. Bailey

F. Murtagh
Machine Learning, Neural and Statistical Classification, edited by D. Michie, D. J. Spiegelhalter, and C. C. Taylor - 185

J. G. Williams
Network and Discrete Location: Models, Algorithms, and Applications, by M. S. Daskin - 191

Volume 13 Number 2 1996

G. Celeux and G. Soromenho
An Entropy Criterion for Assessing the Number of Clusters in a Mixture Model- 195

M. Gyllenberg and T. Koski
Numerical Taxonomy and the Principle of Maximum Entropy - 213

Y. Wang, H. Yan, and C. Sriskandarajah
The Weighted Sum of Split and Diameter Clustering - 231

J. J. Meulman
Fitting a Distance Model to Homogeneous Subsets of Variables: Points of View Analysis of Categorical Data - 249

B. Falissard
A spherical Representation of a Correlation Matrix - 267

J. J. Oliver and D. Hand
Averaging over Decision Trees

C. Ambroise and G. Govaert
Constrained Clustering and Kohonen Self-Organizing Maps - 299

R. Cheng and G. W. Milligan
Measuring the Influence of Individual Data Points in a Cluster Analyis - 315

Book Reviews

W. H. E. Day MacClade, Analysis of Phylogeny and Character Evolution, by W.P. Maddison and D. R. Maddison - 337

R. Mathar
The Majorization Approach to Multidimensional Scaling: Some Problems and Extensions, by P.J.G.Groenen - 241

O. Frank
Algebraic Models for Social Networks, by P. Pattison - 344

R. W. Payne
Prospects in Systematics, edited by D. L Hawksworth - 347

C. Glasbey
Handbook of Pattern Recognition and Computer Visison, edited by C. H. Chen, L.F. Pau, and P.S.P. Wang - 350

C. W. Ramm
Elements of Dual Scaling: An Introduction to Practical Data Analysis, by S. Nishisato - 353

D. Banks
Advances in Social Network Analysis, edited by S. Wasserman and J. Galaskiewicz - 356

P. Rousseau
An Indoeuropean Classification: A Lexicostatistical Experiment, by I. Dyen, J.B. Kruskal, and P. Black - 359

E. Godehardt
Applied Combinatorics, by A. Tucker - 361

Volume 13 Number 1 1996

Vadim Pliner
Metric Unidimensional Scaling and Global Optimization - 3

Evangelia Simantiraki
Unidimensional Scaling: A Linear Programming Approach Minimizing Absolute Deviations - 19

Eric W. Holman
Quantitative Properties of the Evolution and Classification of Languages - 27

John T. Daws
The Analysis of Free-Sorting Data: Beyond Pairwise Cooccurrences - 57

John C. Gower & Michael J. Greenacre
Unfolding a Symmetric Matrix - 81

Pierre Hansen, Brigitte Jaumard & Bruno Simeone
Espaliers: A Generalization of Dendrograms - 107

Olivier Gascuel & Denise Levy
A Reduction Algorithm for Approximating a (nonmetric) Dissimilarity by a Tree Distance - 129

Zhenmin Chen & John W. Van Ness
Space-Conserving Agglomerative Algorithms - 157

Robert Saltstone & Ken Strange
A Computer Program to Calculate Hubert and Arabie's Adjusted Rand Index - 169

Book Reviews

G. Govart
Analyse des Donées Mutidimensionnelles, edited by H. Rouanet, and B. Le Roux - 173

H. A. L. Kiers
Mutivariate Analysis of Categorical Data: Applications, edited by J. P. Van De Geer - 175

P. Willet
Intelligent Information Retrieval: The Case of Astronomy and Related Space Sciences, edited by A. Heck, and F. Murtagh

L. Lebart
Data Analysis for Comparative Social Research: International Perspectives, edited by C. Hayashi, T. Suzuki and M. Sasaki - 183

Volume 12 Number 2 1995

F. Murtagh and M. Hernandez-Pajares
The Kohonen self-organizing map method: An assessment. - 165

Serge Joly and Georges Le Calve
Three-way distances.- 191

Bruno Leclerc
Minimum spanning trees for tree metrics: abridgements and adjustments.- 207

Boris Mirkin, P. Arabie, & L. J. Hubert
Additive two- mode clustering: The error-variance approach revisited. - 243

F.-J. Lapointe and P. Legendre
Comparing comparison tests for dendrograms.- - 265

J. Douglas Carroll and James E. Corter
A graph-theoretic method for organizing overlapping clusters into trees and extended trees.- 283

Volume 12 Number 1 1995

P. J. F. Groenen, R. Mathar, and W. J. Heiser
The Majorization Approach to Multidimensional Scaling for Minkowski Distances - 3

M. Wedel and W. S. DeSarbo
A Mixture Likelihood Approach for Generalized Linear Models - 21

J. D. Carroll and S. Winsberg
Fitting an Extended INDSCAL Model to Three-Way Proximity Data - 57

V. Batagelj and M. Bren
Comparing Resemblance Measures - 73

E. Kubicka, G. Kubicki, and F. R. McMorris
An Algorithm to Find Agreement Subtrees - 91

M. Constantinescu and D. Sankoff
An Efficient Algorithm for Supertrees - 101

R. Gnanadesikan, J. R. Kettenring, and S. L. Tsao
Weighting and Selection of Variables for Cluster Analysis - 113

Book Reviews

A. Maydeu-Olivares
Escalamiento multidimensional. Una Técnica Multivariante para el análisis de datos de proximidad y preferencia. [Multidimensional scaling. A multivariate technique for the analysis of proximity and preference data], by C. Arce - 137

I. K. Sethi
Neural Networks in Vision and Pattern Recognition, edited by J. Skrzypek and W. Karplus - 140

P. Arabie
Handbook in Operations Research and Management Science: Marketing,ed by J. Eliashberg and G. Lilien - 143

A. S. Tanguiane
Probabilistic Voting Theory, by P. J. Coughlin - 145

K. C. Klauer
The Analysis of Three-Way Arrays, by Constrained PARAFAC Methods, by W. P. Krijnen - 147

P. Hansen
Network Models in Optimization and Their Applications in Practice, by F. Glover, D. Kingman, and N. V. Phillips - 150

K. Sijtsma
Nonparametric Unfolding Models. A Latent Structure Approach, by W. J. Post - 153

M. P. Windham
Information and Classification: Concepts, Methods, and Applications, edited by O. Opitz, B. Lausen, and R. Klar - 157

Volume 11 Number 2 1994

Erratum for Mirkin (1990) - 194

A. Chaturvedi and J. D. Carroll
An Alternating Combinatorial Optimization Approach to Fitting the INDCLUS and Generalized INDCLUS Models - 155

W. Gaul and M. Schader
Pyramidal Classification Based on Incomplete Dissimilarity Data - 171

W. J. Krzanowski
Ordination in the Presence of Group Structure, for General Multivariate Data - 195

D. Sankoff, Y. Abel, and J. Hein
A Tree ~ A Window ~ A Hill; Generalization of Nearest-Neighbor Interchange in Phylogenetic Optimization - 209

W. H. E. Day and F. R. McMorris
On the Consistency of the Plurality Rule Consensus Function for Molecular Sequences - 233

Book Reviews

D. J. Hand
Fuzzy Data Analysis, by H. Bandemer and W. Näther - 251

O. Frank
Combinatorial Matrix Theory, Encyclopedia of Mathematics and Its Applications, Vol. 39, by R. A. Brualdi and H. J. Ryser - 253

W. Gödert
Classification Research for Knowledge Representation and Organization. Proceedings of the 5th International Study Conference on Classification Research, Toronto, Canada, June 24-28, 1991, edited by N. J. Williamson and M. Hudon - 255

H. Bacelar-Nicolau
Analyzing and Modeling Data and Knowledge, edited by M. Schader - 257

S. Raudys
Pattern Recognition Transforms, by P. S. Moharir - 259

A. W. Bowman
Multivariate Density Estimation: Theory, Practice and Visualisation, by D. W. Scott - 261

G. W. Milligan
Cluster Analysis (3rd Edition), by B. S. Everitt - 263

R. J. Hathaway
Fuzzy Engineering toward Human Friendly Systems, edited by T. Terano, M. Sugeno, M. Mukaidono, and K. Shigemasu - 267

R. B. Ivimey-Cook
Practical Taxonomic Computing, by R. J. Pankhurst - 271

B. S. Everitt
Applied Factor Analysis in the Natural Sciences, by R. Reyment and K. G. Jöreskog - 274

A. R. Wilks
Spatial Tesselations: Concepts and Applications of Voronoi Diagrams, by A. Okabe, B. Boots, and K. Sugihara - 277

B. D. Ripley
Parallel Algorithms for Digital Image Processing, Computer Vision and Neural Networks, edited by I. Pitas - 280

W. S. DeSarbo
Nonlinear Multivariate Analysis for Multivariate Preference Analysis, by I. A. van der Lans - 283

A. D. Gordon
Applied Multivariate Data Analysis, Volume II: Categorical and Multivariate Methods, by J. D. Jobson - 286

D. J. Hand
Correspondence Analysis Handbook, by. J. -P. Benzécri - 289

V. Pliner
Psychometric Methodology, Proceedings of the 7th European Meeting of the Psychometric Society in Trier, July 29-31, 1991, edited by R. Steyer, K. F. Wender, and K. F. Widaman - 291

A. Ferligoj
Social Network Analysis-A Handbook, by J. Scott - 295

Volume 11 Number 1 1994

G. P. M. Rozál and J. A. Hartigan
The MAP Test for Multimodality - 5

G. Brossier
Partial Dissimilarities with Application to Clustering - 37

W. Vach
Preserving Consensus Hierarchies - 59

H. A. L. Kiers and Y. Takane
A Generalization of GIPSCAL for the Analysis of Nonsymmetric Data 79

B. W. Flury, M. J. Schmid, and A. Narayanan
Error Rates in Quadratic Discrimination with Constraints on the Covariance Matrices - 101

D. Banks and K. Carley
Metric Inference for Social Networks - 121

Volume 10 Number 2 1993

W. S. DeSarbo, V. Ramaswamy, and P. Lenk
A Latent Class Procedure for the Structural Analysis of Two-Way Compositional Data - 159

G. De Soete and S. Winsberg
A Latent Class Vector Model for Preference Ratings - 195

A. V. Genkin and I. B. Muchnik
Fixed Points Approach to Clustering - 219

N. Sriram and S. Lewis
Constructing Optimal Ultrametrics - 241

Volume 10 Number 1 1993

M. D. Hendy and D. Penny
Spectral Analysis of Phylogenetic Data - 5

W. J. Krzanowski
The Location Model for Mixtures of Categorical and Continuous Variables - 25

T. Eckes and P. Orlik
An Error Variance Approach to Two-Mode Hierarchical Clustering - 51

G. De Soete, J. D. Carroll, and A. D. Chaturvedi
A Modified CANDECOMP Method for Fitting the Extended INDSCAL Model 75

A. M. Krieger and P. E. Green
Generalized Measures of Association for Ranked Data with an Application to Prediction Accuracy - 93

J. M. F. ten Berge, H. A. L. Kiers, and W. P. Krijnen
Computational Solutions for the Problem of Negative Saliences and Nonsymmetry in INDSCAL - 115

Book Reviews

A. Penttinen
Spatial Statistics: Past, Present, and Future, edited by D. A. Griffith - 125

W. J. Krzanowski
Discriminant Analysis and Statistical pattern Recognition, by G. J. McLachlan

J. R. Kettenring
A User's Guide to Principal Components, by J. E. Jackson

F. J. Rohlf
Morphometric Tools for Landmark Data: Geometry and Biology, by F. L. Bookstein - 133

W. H. E. Day
Trees and Proximity Representations, by J. -P. Barthélemy and A. Guénoche - 137

B. S. Weir
Phylogenetic Analysis of DNA Sequences, edited by M. M. Miyamoto and J. Cracraft - 139

J. Kececioglu
Sequence Analysis Primer, edited by M. Gribskov and J. Devereux - 144

N. Ohsumi
Classification, Data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization-Models and Methods with Applications, edited by H. H. Bock and P. Ihm - 149

P. Willett
Simulated Annealing. Parallelization Techniques, edited by R. Azencott - 153

Volume 9 Number 2 1992

E. W. Holman
Statistical Properties of Large Published Classifications - 187

L. Hubert, P. Arabie, and M. Hesson-Mcinnis
Multidimensional Scaling in the City-Block Metric: A Combinatorial Approach - 211

P. Verboon and W. J. Heiser
Resistant Orthogonal Procrustes Analysis - 237

R. B. Schneider
A Uniform Approach to Multidimensional Scaling - 257

N. L. Oden and R. R. Sokal
An Investigation of Three-Matrix Permutation Tests - 275

Book Reviews

R. C. Dubes
Probabilistic Analysis of Packing and Partitioning Algorithms, by E. G. Coffman, Jr. and G. S. Lueker - 291

B. Fingleton
Spatial Data Analysis in the Social and Environmental Sciences, by R. P. Haining - 294

A. W. van Blokland-Vogelesang
Data Theory and Dimensional Analysis, by W. G. Jacoby - 297

K. C. Klauer
Frontiers of Mathematical Psychology, edited by D. R. Brown and J. E. K. Smith - 300

F. Murtagh
Pattern Recognition: Statistical, Structural and Neural Approaches, by R. Schalkoff - 302

M. P. Windham
Datenanalyse, Klassifikation und Informationsverarbeitung, edited by H. Goebl and M. - 305

Volume 9 Number 1 1992

H. Messatfa
An Algorithm to Maximize the Agreement Between Partitions - 5

S. G. de Amorim, J. -P. Barthélemy, and C. C. Ribeiro
Clustering and Clique Partitioning: Simulated Annealing and Tabu Search Approaches - 17

A. Ferligoj and V. Batagelj
Direct Multicriteria Clustering Algorithms - 43

J. A. Hartigan and S. Mohanty
The RUNT Test for Multimodality - 63

M. A. Steel, M. D. Hendy, and D. Penny
Significance of the Length of the Shortest Tree - 71

M. Steel
The Complexity of Reconstructing Trees from Qualitative Characters and Subtrees - 91

R. R. Sokal, J. Kim, and F. J. Rohlf
Character and OTU Stability in Five Taxonomic Groups - 117

R. Saltstone and K. Stange
A Computer Program to Construct Distributions with Specific Degrees of Skew and Kurtosis - 141

Book Reviews

G. d'Aubiguy
Mathematical Aspects of Multiple Correspondence Analysis for Ordinal Variables, by J. T. A. Koster - 143

G. J. G. Upton
The Statistical Analysis of Categorical Data, by E. B. Anderson - 145

M. J. Greenacre
Multiway Data Analysis, edited by R. Coppi and S. Bolasco - 148

S. Winsberg
Metric Scaling Correspondence Analysis, by S. C. Weller and A. K. Romney - 151

G. W. Furnas
Envisioning Information, by E. R. Tufte - 154

R. Thompson
Graphical Models in Applied Multivariate Statistics, by J. Whittaker 159

D. J. Bartholomew
Measurement of Latent Traits, by Proximity Items, by H. Hoijtink - 161

H. R. Moskowitz
Ratio Scaling of Psychological Magnitude, edited by S. J. Bolanowski, Jr. and G. Gescheider - 164

W. S. DeSarbo
A Comparison of Probabilistic Unfolding Theories for Paired Comparisons Data, by P. Bossuyt - 167

D. Penny
The Comparative Method in Evolutionary Biology, by P. H. Harvey and M. D. Pagel - 169

A. J. Collins
Matching Configurations, by J. J .F. Commandeur - 173

R. J. Henery
Unfolding and Group Consensus Ranking for Individual Preferences by R. van Blokland-Vogelesang - 176

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