TAP awards: Procedure for application and nomination

In the framework of its Travel Awards Program (TAP), the IFCS provides awards to researchers (less than 35 years old) with interests in classification, data analysis and related areas who are in the early stages of their professional careers as support for attending an IFCS conference. The award is a cash payment to a candidate who attends the IFCS conference may be used for travel, accommodation, and conference costs.


March 15:

Candidates must have submitted their TAP application to the president of their own classification society.

March 15-April 15:

Presidents of member societies will select at most two nominees, and send those ranked nominations to the chair of the Awards Committee (Andrzej Sokolowski).

April 15-April 28:

The Awards Committee proposes prize winners to the IFCS President for approval, and if the President approves, the prize winners will be informed by the chair of the Awards Committee.

Full details are given in the TAP Funding Guidelines.