Journal of Classification

The aim of the Journal of Classification is to publish original and valuable papers in the field of classification, numerical taxonomy, multidimensional scaling and other ordination techniques, clustering, tree structures and other network models (with somewhat less emphasis on principal components analysis, factor analysis, and discriminant analysis), as well as associated models and algorithms for fitting them.

Journal of Classification is published twice a year for the Classification Society of North America (with the support of the International Federation of Classification Societies) by Springer-Verlag New York, Inc. Willem Heiser was appointed Editor on 1 March 2002. Phipps Arabie was the founding editor of the journal and served in that capacity for eighteen years.


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Members of IFCS Societies other than CSNA can receive the Journal of Classification at the Affiliate rate of $60 US if the Treasurer of their Society is willing to forward a group order to CSNA's Business Manager. Back issues from 1993 - present are available at $25.00 each. Annual membership in CSNA (which includes a subscription to the Journal, access to the annual bibliographic survey, and CSNA's newsletter) presently costs $80 US. For details on the last two options, contact CSNA's Business Manager. Note that residency in North America is not required for membership in CSNA and that dues can be paid with a VISA card.

For details on subscriptions, please contact either the Editor of the Journal or the Business Manager of the Classification Society of North America:

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